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Current Tenor Banjo Videos

Here you have the chance to watch topical videos of Gero Kuntermann and myself in concert situations or just in home sessions.

Foochow's Shanghai

Gero and me are playing my first composition for the tenor banjo, which is called "Foochow's Shanghai". In the 1920's a lot of jazzy tunes, like My Cinatown, The Sheik Of Araby or Lena From Palesteena were played, which have a melodious Far East or Chinese topic. My composition would like to follow this tradition, but is trying to generate something new. This composition I have dedicated to my best banjofriend Bill Somerville from Glasgow, the master of the ragtime tenor banjo music.

My Banjo Girl

Here you can see a video of Gero and me playing another composition, which is called "My Banjo Girl". I have composed and dedicated this song to my girlfriend Linda.


This is a video of a tune, which is called "Donveda". It is composed by F. Munro Planque. This banjoist arranged and composed a lot of music for the publisher and banjoist Don Santos in the 1920's.

Teasin' The Frets

Here we are playing an old Ralph Colicchio composition, which is called "Teasin' The Frets". The introduction was not filmed.