Playing, Collecting & Swapping Music

From an historical and musical perspective I'm very interested in vintage and modern sheet music for the tenor banjo.

I'm playing, collecting & swapping compositions, which are written for the tenor banjo as a soloist instrument, schools, manuals, method books, which cope with the tenor banjo, as well as duets, band arrangements for this excellent instrument.

In this content I also would like to refer to my sheet music collection of vintage and modern mandolin music.

With less addiction I'm also collecting vintage sheet music for the plectrum banjo.

Here you can open my list of tenor & plectrum banjo sheet music, which I have collected.

These books are absolutely great for the banjoist's right hand technique, strokes, cross picking, rhythms styles and banjo specials.

One of my favourite componist and arranger of tenor banjo music is A.J. Weidt. Here you can see my collection of his in the 1920's published tenor banjo books.

Here you can see vintage and modern books, which contain compositions, arrangments and lessons of Harry Reser.

Another general string artist and awesome tenor banjoist is Ralph Colicchio. He has composed several jazzy tunes for the tenor banjo, which I like very much.

In my opinion are David Berend's method books are the most useful and best schools for the tenor banjo. His hot and jazzy compositions are awesome, too.

The Banjoist of the Savoy Orpheans in London Pete Mandell has composed kinky tunes in his characteristic style of playing. Pete Mandell could not read and write notes, so he had a friend Dave Thomas, who wrote the music down for him.

My favourite mandolinist and tenor banjoist is Mario De Pietro. He was born in Italy and moved to London for his music. He composed excellent tenor banjo composition, which have interesting buildings of chords, like playing an electric guitar Mario uses "power chords", which leave out the third tone of a chord. He recorded a lot of his virtuosic mandolin and tenor banjo music and made awesome videos with his melody makers or with the piano accompaniment of beautiful laddies.

A very proliferously and excellent writer of tenor banjo method books is W.M. Morris. He composed many intermediate tenor banjo pieces and also produced some excellent hits for our instrument.

The well known banjoist of the Paul Whiteman Orchestra Micheal Pingitore has composed fantastic rhythm solos for the tenor banjo, which have rhythm-sounding names, like "Plinka Plunk" or "Peck-O-Picks".

The famous string instrument luthier, professional mandolinist and banjoist Lloyd Loar has also composed, arranged and published several amazing tunes, compositions and method books for the tenor banjo.

"The Master Of The Ragtime Banjo" and a very good friend of mine is Bill Somerville. He arranges and composes very nice tunes for the tenor banjo.